Ex IPS Kunwar Vijay Pratap Joins AAP : Who Probed Punjab Sacrilege Case


Ex IPS Kunwar Vijay Pratap Joins AAP

While Ex IPS Kunwar Vijay Pratap who was part of the SIT investigating the 2015 Kotkapura firing case in Punjab, joined the Aam Aadmi Party on June 22, 2021, Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, greeted him as “my officer Bhai (my officer brother)”.

He officially inducted the Ex IPS Kunwar Vijay Pratap Joins AAP & will be ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections.

 Ex Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh who joins AAP, also announced that the party’s chief ministerial face for the Punjab polls in 2022 would belong to the Sikh community, but added that the name had not yet been finalized.

Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh ambition to join politics rather than serving the nation

Kunwar’s investigation also suffers from malice, irrationality, and absurdity. Therefore, this court is of the opinion that this is one of the rare cases where the court is under an obligation to intervene to prevent miscarriages of justice, to build confidence in the investigation, and also to prevent the misuse of legal proceedings. ; by canceling the investigation opened in these two cases, while leaving to the State the task of investigating again fairly on these two cases ”, retained the HC while canceling the investigation led by Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh.

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It is a matter of political propaganda and the real culprits are behind the curtain. Previously, Kunwar’s position was to uncover the truth. Now things have changed. He himself is interested in joining the AAP which shows how government agents could be influenced by politics.

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Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh leads the Kotkapura probe

Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh leads the Kotkapura probe

Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh was the head of the Kotkapura investigation and we must not forget in what capacity he was associated with the cases relating to the 2015 Bargari sacrilege cases of Guru Granth Sahib and the subsequent police firing on protestors.

Former Punjab Police Inspector General Singh is a 1998 batch IPS officer who opted for premature retirement from the service, shortly after the Punjab and Haryana High Court on April 9, quashed the investigation report filed by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by him in the Kotkapura firing case.

The AAP needs a strong alliance in Punjab, for this reason, they are making connections with influential people & now Ex IPS Kunwar Vijay Pratap Joins AAP

In many cases, you have seen political parties use cases of desertion for political ends. They keep blaming each other. They are using this case as national political parties demand the reinstatement of article 370 ‘, a’ complete state ‘and a’ new social reform ‘.

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No one is interested in the truth. People’s feeling are affected by cases of sacrilege. Each party is using this case for their political influence and that is what the public knows.

Kunwar Vijay Partap indicted against Punjab Advocate General Atul Nanda

He also denounced Punjab’s attorney general Atul Nanda, accusing him of not taking the SIT case seriously.

“The Advocate General fell ill on the day of the hearing on the SIT report in the High Court on April 10. Any other government lawyer could have requested that the hearing be postponed so that the Advocate General himself could appear to plead.

But that did not happen. It was a dark day in the history of Punjab. If Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji could not obtain justice in Punjab, then what would be the condition of the common man,” Kunwar Vijay Partap asked.

The former IG said: “There is a mafia raj in the state. We don’t know who’s with whom. We do not know which party is in power and which is in opposition. 

Ex IPS Kunwar Vijay Pratap Joins AAP two months after the court quashed the SIT report and also observed that the IPS officer may have had political ambitions.  

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Umranangal’s family continued their contribution to a better Punjab

The best thing about IG Umranangal is their special interest in all of these noble events:

  • World Cancer Care (a UK-based and international charity) also offers free medical care to all cancer patients. These patients benefit from free health check-ups and medication.
  • Paramraj Singh Umranangal helped Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh, who gave his life for the nation.
  • He helped the subedar by giving a check for Rs One Lakh.
  •  Also went to the family of Raghbir Singh in sathiala, to hand him a check for Rs One Lakh.

Support Ex IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal to end wrongful convictions!

Support Ex IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal to end wrongful convictions!

Ex IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal supports the police and has never attended any interviews. He is following the court’s instructions, but still faces allegations.

 The culprits are behind the powerful politicians. People must support ex-Punjab Police IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal and the truth should come out. The new SIT team is studying the case very well.

This is a case of religious sentiments and many people have lost their loved ones.

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