Extremist Sikhs Threaten Lives: Center Recommends Security for Umranangal

Kotkapura incident and Behbal Kalan firing both cases are under investigation. In the meantime, Ex IG of Punjab Police is getting continuous threats and extra security is demanded by the center.

A letter has been sent by the Union Home Ministry to the Punjab Government to provide adequate security to Punjab Police IG Umranangal and his family.

The letter said that appropriate security arrangements should be made for the Umranangal family in view of the threat posed by terrorists and extremists. 

Union Home Ministry and the  Punjab chief secretary  confirmed  the receiving of a letter sent by former Punjab polish IG Parmaraj Singh Umranangal.

Center Govt asks Punjab ministry to provide security to IGP Paramraj Umranangal

centre asks punjab to provide adequate security to igp paramraj umranangal

The Union Government has agreed and recommended protection to IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal, who is currently under suspension in the Kotkapura and Behbal shootings. The Home Ministry has recommended to the Punjab Chief Secretary to provide adequate security.

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The Punjab Police had written a letter to the Center seeking protection of Umranangal as his life was in danger. The decision was taken after the Center discussed the matter with the security agencies.

After the continuous threats to IG Umranangal as his life, punjab police demanded extra security from the center. The center has granted the required security with the help of  the security agencies.

The Home Ministry report said Umranangal’s life was in danger from extremist Sikhs at home and abroad. Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of Sikhs for Justice has threatened Umranangal and other police officers. In view of this, the Home Ministry has asked Umranangal and his family to provide adequate security.

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Paramraj Singh Umranangal Cooperate Fully In The Investigation

Kotkapura and Behbal kalan firing cases are under investigation and the IG of Punjab Police is cooperating with SIT whereas others have not shown any interest. 

After taking the issue to the center , informed by a letter to the Union Home Ministry. The  Punjab Government  will be providing  adequate security to Parmaraj Singh Umranangal and his family.

To refresh our memories, Umranangal’s father was killed by Bhindranwale Tiger Force of Khalistan in 1987. This was followed by an attack on his ancestral home in 1988.

It is the right time that the judicial system must pay attention to the matter  considering the continuous cooperation of IG Paramraj Singh. Another key point to bring in notice is that the  other persons involved refused against the SIT investigation procedures.

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A quick action by the  judiciary system is expected. The case must prevail justice to the innocent.