IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Case – SIT a Puppet of CM

IG Umranangal Behbal-Kalan-firing-case

Seeing the current scenario, skepticism has prevailed, things are very much unclear, and everyday new facts are emerging in Punjab police officer Paramraj Singh Umranangal’s case, eventually perplexing the whole case.

As per the latest happening in the Behbal Kalan firing case, SIT (comprising of 5 top officials) is now having different opinions and now efforts are being made to pacify the whole situation.

Mr. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has also made a statement saying that Mr. Kunwar Pratap Singh (IPS) was removed for a short period, that said a challan was also signed in that period.

Now, the question is whether the Election Commission’s order removed Mr. Kunwar Pratap Singh (IPS) or not. Now, amid the whole case, two sides are emerging.

The Governmental aspect is saying that yes, he was removed and on the other hand, the police officials are of the view that Mr. Kunwar Pratap Singh was a part of the meetings during the tenure of his withdrawal.

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No Clean Chit to Anyone in Behbal Kalan Firing Case

One of the main highlights in the case is the signing of the challan by Mr. Kunwar Pratap Singh (IPS) on 23rd May 2019 (span when he was withdrawn). IG Umranangal Case is in media’s limelight, still, no fast track action has been taken by Govt of Punjab or even from the authorities who should support Punjab Police IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal.

Even if he has signed the challan, then why other members of SIT were not taken into confidence, and if other members were taken into confidence, then why they have objected to the DGP through a letter.

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If the other members were not happy with the move then why the Government is not making any statement, if the Government is not taking any initiative, then who will?

The case lacks factual evidence, and owing to this; it has led to the ongoing chaos. SIT has failed big time. In the first challan, nothing significant happened, but suddenly in the second challan, new names (people who are facing ongoing trials) became the part of the list.

Till the time, Capt. Amarinder Singh, Chief Secretary, and other important officials have not conducted a high-profile meeting and discussed all the facts and evidence personally, no concrete solution will come out, and the truth will never be revealed.

People’s Opinion About IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal

These are the comments or public opinion about IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal, punlished on We Stand with Paramraj Singh Umranangal Facebook Page –

Aman Randhawa Yes we stand with S. Paramraj Singh Umranagal .God bless you bhaji

Naresh Chodha Sir We know you are honest officer and your family stood with people of Punjab during bad days.your problems are temporary

Jaskaran Dhaliwal Our all team stands with you brother

Lucky Sarpanch Great officer God bless you

Rajinder Kalia We support Parmraj Umranangal. God Bless Him

Prabjit Singh I support Big Brother Parmraj Singh Umranagal God bles him

Hitesh Bedi Yes we stand with 22 umranagal

Ranjodh Singh I’m with you Sir g

Yuvraj Grover we stand with S. Paramraj Singh Umranagal .God bless you bhaji

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Gurwinder Gogia Yes we stand with S. Paramraj Singh Umranagal .God bless you bhaji

Ravinder Singh Sahota Stay in charhdikala- we stand by you as always n pray ALMIGHTY to give you strength to get past this turbulent moment- bless

Sudhir Sharma I have known Paramraj Singh since early 1980 when he was a student and I have seen his ever rising and implacable journey. He has served the force with integrity and with the Almighty blessings. I’m sure justice will prevail and I stand by him.?

Harsharan Singh Ghoman We all stands with you our big brother ?

Kaur Yasmeen We r with you, sir… We knw they are targeting u unnecessarily…

Rajpreet Randhawa We all are with you Paramraj. God is very kind and Waheguru apne Sikh da saath kadi nahi chad da, appan nahi dolna, kisse di majaj nahi ke tuhanu nuksaan pahuncha sake, “Jis Ke Ser Upar Tu Swami, So Dukh Kaisa Pawe” All these forces who are working on the agenda of wrong politics and injustice will be defeated, it will be a slap on their faces. God bless you always. ?


Sanjay Gautam Yes We Are With S.P.S.umranangal. If we stand With Him Against Injustice,It’s Real Tribute to S. Jeewan Singh Ji & Sukhdev Singh Umranangal ji.

Harinder Kaur We support you.

Johny Sidhu I support Big Brother S.Paramraj Singh Umranangal God bles him

Sukhjinder Gill We support you Bhaji ? ?

Gurwant Aulakh Great officer God bless you

Kulwant Kaur We support Parmrajsingh Umranagal Waheguru bless u in tons ??????

Navdeep Singh We support you uncle g???

Daljeet Dhaliwal Yes we stand with S. Paramraj Singh Umranagal .God bless you bhaji

Randhawa Gobindgarh Always stand with you bro
Karan Wahi I support too ?? n always dere for him

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Amardeep Grewal We stand 22ji umranangal

Avasthi Pardeep Not only umranangal charanjeet Sharma too an honest officer

Balwinder Singh Yes we stand with IPS officer parmraj singh Umranangal. God bless you sir

Rajinder Benipal Yes we stand with 22 umranagal

Pandit Sharma This person is God

Rampal Rampal Sharma Great officer

Simranjit Singh Sunny great man

Gurdarshan Singh Great officer g

Rohit Kaushik Always stand

Sumer Batth We stand gbu

Poorva Sood We stand

Sachin Manchanda Yes we stand with 22 umranagal

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Alleges Distortion of Facts in Behbal Kalan Case

It is the responsibility of Capt. Amarinder Singh to come forward and clear all the misunderstandings related to Behbal Kalan firing case. If this is an aggressive step, then the real offenders should be brought to justice.

It seems that the Government is controlling SIT, and Mr. Paramraj Singh Umranangal IPS is being framed. The key question here is why the Government has not intervened from the very beginning?

Meetings are being conducted in closed rooms, the common man is kept away from the facts, and they are not told who are the real culprits behind the wrong doing.

The End Doesn’t Justify the Means in Behbal Kalan Case

Well, it’s tough to expect justice from an investigation team (SIT) that is not on the same page amongst themselves. Congress party has used this case to garner votes in their favor.

The trial will soon start, everything will be clear as crystal, and Mr. Paramraj Singh Umranangal will be set free, and the political conspiracy will be exposed.

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