IGP Umranangal’s Arrest A Politically Motivated Move

ig paramraj umranangal arrest is politically motivated

Since the 80s, militancy has affected Punjab and its border areas. Experts are of the view that poor political hold in Punjab has been one of the leading reasons behind the rise of militancy in Punjab. Both political and non-political organizations lend monetary support to these militant groups owing to which such groups gain confidence and carry out illegal activities without any fear of law.

Political organizations support these groups indirectly & in favor of that these groups work for them in election time. Sometime this political rivalry turns into political vendetta. Political vendetta has become more stronger than the law in this country. Same political rivalry is happening in Punjab politics. You can take an example of igp umranangal arrest politically motivated.

Punjab Political Parties Indulge in Mudslinging

As per the current political scenario in Punjab, every party wants to enjoy the supremacy in the state. In pursuit of doing this, they engage in mudslinging and during elections these parties can be seen spreading negative information,and they leave no chance to ridicule each other both at the party and personal level.

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Example of Kartarpur Corridor where Navjot Singh Sidhu has politicized the whole case to gain political gains.

Even drugs and arms are highly motivated in Punjab. No matter what the situation is, the common man has to face the music and owing to this, Punjab has lost many innocent lives in the past.

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IG Umranangal Falsely Being Framed in Kotkapura & Behbal Kalan Firing Case

kotkapura tense as cops and protesters clashes

Behbal Kalan firing case and Kotkapura firing case in 2015 are high-profile cases of Punjab where involvement of politicians and top officials of police is evident. In these firing cases, Inspector General Paramraj Singh Umranangal involvement is asserted.

Even though he was doing his duty, this whole case has been politicized owing to which he got arrested by SIT (Special Investigation Team).

He said that Mr. Jitender Jain (Additional Director General of Police) was present at the scene and he was commanding the force, and he is falsely being framed in the case.

He added since Mr. Jain, being the IG of Bathinda range, was in command on that day, how he can give orders.

Besides Mr. Jain, Hardial Singh Mann (SSP Ferozepur), Amar Singh Chahal (DIG), and The Deputy Commissioner of Faridkot were other police officials who were present at the scene on that fateful day.

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IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal’s Arrest is for Political Gains

IG Umranangal has been known for doing his duty with full dedication and commitment. In recognition of his excellent services, he has received various awards as well.

Along with his team, Punjab Police IGP Umranangal busted arms racket in Punjab, in which many illegal arms were seized, and many accused were arrested from firozpur. The accused, arrested in this case, used to sell arms through fake licences. They all had political links owing to which they were able to sell these arms easily, on fake licences, without any fear.

Now when all the accused are under arrest, they are playing blame game where they are making their best efforts to prove the involvement of IG in the whole case.

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Sukhbir Claims IGP Umranangal and SSP’s Arrest by SIT is Politically Motivated

Sukhbir Singh Badal also gave a statement saying that the SSP Charanjit Sharma and IG Umranangal’s arrest is politically motivated, they are being victimized and have no connection with Kotkapura and Behbal kalan firing case.

The case is currently handled by SIT, but unfortunately, they are also not on the same page, and the officials have varied opinions. The agency is itself has failed to live up to the expectations and derailed the whole investigation. As per the current scenario, the case has become so perplexed that it will surely be a case of delayed justice like other cases.

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We have numerous instances, in the past, where political interference can be seen in various police activities, thus influencing the decision. As Former Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal said in his statement that his successor Amarinder’s only aim is to put me in jail.

The (SAD) patriarch was reacting to the chief minister’s address in the Punjab Assembly wherein he vowed to punish guilty of the horrifying 2015 sacrilege incidents in the Punjab state. However, Badal termed the SIT and the Commission set up by the Congress government as a “drama” and asserted: “Amarinder’s only goal is to put me in jail.”

IPS P.S. Umranangal Gets Bail in Kotkapura Case


Finally, after spending three weeks in Patiala Jail, The District and Sessions Court has released P.S. Umranangal. IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal gets bail in Kotkapura Case after he submitted a bond of Rs. 50,000 and a surety of the same amount.

Well, this case goes to prove that politics and police should function independently, and police should be made free from any political interference.

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