Justice Awaited in Sacrilege Cases in Punjab

Six years after the police firings, the cases are still pending in the court. The SIT is formed. The leadership has changed from Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh to Naunihal Singh, who is now heading the SIT team. But the people of punjab, victim’s family members are still waiting for relief and justice from the court.

Officer’s like Paramraj Singh Umranangal are facing problems, even he is ready for lie detector test to cooperate with the Special Investigation Team.

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Punjab 2015 Sacrilege Cases

Sacrilege means disrespecting a religious object or place. In 2015, the  sacrilege incidents took place where guru granth sahib (the holy book of sikhs) was disrespected. People came and openly protested against it to show their anger.

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The police firing was ordered at Behbal kalan. In the incident two innocents lost their lives . Since then the matter is in court There are many police officers accused in the case, including IG PS Umranagal, Sumedh Singh Saini and Sukhbir Badal (CM of Punjab at that time).

Current Updates in Punjab Sacrilege Cases

Earlier, a man was hacked to death in the presence of Punjab police personnel over an alleged disrespect of the Nishan Sahib, the religious flag of the Sikhs. The incident happened at a Gurdwara in Punjab’s Kapurthala.

In a recent case, another man (Pardeep Kumar), was shot dead at his milk shop in Punjab’s Faridkot last Thursday. He was a follower of Dera Sacha Sauda. He was one of the accused in the 2015 sacrilege incident.

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Insaaf Morcha Warns Punjab Govt.

After the various efforts made by the SIT team, nothing has been proved . The Insaaf Morcha who had demanded justice was promised by the AAP government to investigate the case within a time period. The last date for the same is approaching. The Insaaf morcha protest is becoming aggressive day by day. Their patience seems to be exhausting and they expect justice for the victim’s family.

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal and Others

Here we would like to mention that the accused including Former IG PS Umranangal, Sukhbir Badal and others are ready to cooperate with the SIT so that the truth is revealed. Former IG Paramraj Singh Umranagal also agreed for a lie detector test to cooperate with the SIT.

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What’s Next Action?

An investigation is being conducted by the SIT team. Sukhbir Badal had also been called. The government is still taking time to reach its conclusion which is annoying. Or as people say, SIT is getting influenced by political parties. Before the court makes its final decision, the SIT should complete its investigation.

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