Kotkapura Firing Case: Progressing Toward Justice One Step at a Time

On the 14th of October, 2015, a distressing incident of sacrilege occurred in the village of Kotkapura. The crowd was assembled in protest against the desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib, considered one of the most sacred religious texts. And, the situation took an unfortunate turn when certain individuals made inflammatory religious remarks, causing the initially peaceful protest to escalate into a volatile and unsettling situation.

The incident led to numerous demonstrations, or Dharnas, across various locales, including Bargari and Kotkapura. On the aforementioned date, a Dharna was organized by citizens in Kotkapura, which was subsequently disbanded by the police.

However, on the 13th of October 2015, the Dharna was reorganized in Kotkapura, drawing a considerable number of participants. By the morning of October 14th, 2015, the people protesting had been dispersed using water sprays, tear gas, and sticks. The decision to use force was carried out as per the orders of the District Magistrate.

There were injuries to police officials and damage to Vajra vehicles. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Kotkapura ordered the use of light lathi charges and tear gas on the 14th of October 2015. In addition to the aforesaid, the use of firing in the air was also ordered vide order of even date. Earlier that day, forces from other districts were also mobilized. The Ludhiana Police Commissioner PS Umranangal, and SSPs from other districts like Ferozepur, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Fazilka, Mansa, and Moga, as well as their respective units, were also mobilized.

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The Director General of Police based in Chandigarh maintained a crucial line of communication with senior police officers, ensuring coordinated efforts during the intense period. During the clash on the morning of October 14, 2015, some police officers and protesters were injured in Kotkapura. Behbal Kalan is under the responsibility of the Bajakhana Police Station.

To investigate the incident of sacrilege and firing at Behbal Kalan on October 14th, 2015, the Director General of Police in Punjab set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT). This team included Sh. Iqbal Preet Singh Sahota, IPS, Mr. Amar Singh Chahal, IPS, and Sh. R.S. Khatra, IPS. The SIT suggested that a new FIR, FIR No. 130 dated October 21st, 2015, should be filed based on their findings.

Umranangal’s Journey Towards Justice

In the midst of this legal setting, Parmraj Singh Umranangal, alongside other police officers, was granted interim bail against arrest in the Kotkapura police firing case by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in March. Umranangal is being treated with equal regard, in line with other individuals implicated in the case. This aspect underscores the transparency and equitable nature of the legal proceedings.

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The ongoing judicial proceedings serve as a testament to the dedication to a comprehensive and equitable examination of the case. A notable milestone in this trajectory is the submission of a chargesheet by a Special Investigation Team led by an Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), naming several individuals, including Sukhbir Singh Badal and former DGP Sumedh Singh Saini, as accused.

Throughout the entirety of the process, PS Umranangal consistently advocated for a narco test for himself and his fellow officials, displaying his unwavering commitment to transparency and truth.

From the very outset, PS Umranangal has diligently adhered to court directives, dutifully complying with all orders and providing the requisite information as demanded by both the court and the Special Investigation Team (SIT). This unwavering cooperation underscores his dedication to the legal process and his willingness to contribute positively to the ongoing investigation.

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The ongoing court hearings serve as a clear indicator that the case remains in active consideration, and Paramraj Singh Umranangal is dutifully engaging in the legal proceedings as mandated.

The persistence of these hearings reflects a positive commitment to a thorough and just resolution. The continuation of these legal proceedings signifies a steadfast dedication to the pursuit of truth and fairness.

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In a society where justice holds a paramount position, continued engagement in the legal process is a positive step toward ensuring that those awaiting justice can anticipate a timely resolution. Recognizing that justice delayed can be perceived as a form of injustice, the dedication to active legal proceedings holds the potential to rectify this and restore a sense of equity.

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In The End!

Former IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal journey through the Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan firing cases reflects a steadfast commitment to justice within the legal framework. His active participation in ongoing court hearings, coupled with the acknowledgment of anticipatory bail pleas, showcases a dedication to transparency and fairness. The equitable treatment of all involved underscores the system’s integrity.

Amidst the pursuit of truth, Umranangal’s engagement in the investigation process and his willingness to undergo a narco test signify a genuine desire for clarity. As the legal process unfolds, his role continues to illuminate the path toward resolution.

In these ongoing court hearings, Umranangal’s presence stands as a testament to the enduring pursuit of justice, offering hope for a timely and just conclusion to those awaiting closure. His narrative reinforces the values of transparency, accountability, and a commitment to the principles that underlie our legal system.

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