P.S Umranangal Behbal Kalan Firing Case – Truth


Over 110 pages of Guru Granth Sahib were found scattered in a Gurdwara near Bargari, owing to which both Bargari and Kotkapura towns witnessed communal tension.

The locals of Bargari town spotted the pages of Guru Granth Sahib when they visited the Gurdwara to offer morning prayers. Protesting against this sacrilegious act, the locals of Bargari witnessed complete bandh,and nearby villages also joined when they came to know about the wrongdoing.

When the Sikh organizations came to know about the whole case, they reached Bargari. This forced the police to increase security in the town. 

The Sikh organizations and locals of the nearby villages assembled and protested against this disgraceful act carrying the torn pages of Guru Granth Sahib.

The protesters staged a dharna on an intersection, and they blocked the way to Muktsar-Patiala and Bathinda-Amritsar, and Ludhiana roads.

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Guru Granth Sahib Desecration Controversy

To avoid any anti-social activity and to keep the situation under control, heavy police force was deployed in Kotkapura. Some of the known and senior officers including – Hardial Singh Mann (SSP Ferozepur), Amar Singh Chahal (DIG), and The Deputy Commissioner of Faridkot requested the protesters to end the dharna.

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However,refusing the request, the protesters said they will not stop the dharna till the time the main accused is arrested. It is believed that this sacrilegious act has its roots in the robbery of a ‘bir’ of the Guru Granth Sahib, on June 1,from a gurdwara in Burj Jawahar Singh Wala village.

Failing to recover the stolen ‘bir’ and arresting the main accused, various Sikh groups had protested earlier against the civil and police administration in Faridkot demanding the arrest of the accused.The police, of the nearby areas, have been directed to stay vigilant to keep a check on the whole situation.

One of SGPC members, Sukhdev Singh Baath, was asked to leave by the members of Sikh organizations when the leader of Akali Dal reached the Gurdwara and became a part of the meeting.

Report on Bargari Sacrilege & Firing at Behbal Kalan

Bargari sacrilege Behbal Kalan firing

The members of radical Sikh organizations also raised slogans against Baath as he failed to perform his religious duties and prevailing upon police in recovering the stolen‘bir’.

It was alleged that the pages of the Guru Granth Sahib which were found near the Gurdwara were of the same holy book which got stolen on June 1 from one of the Gurdwaras in Burj Jawahar Singh Wala village.

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On October 14, 2015, people started protesting against the sacrilege incident. During the protest, two innocent Sikh youths were killed – Gurjit Singh (from Sarawan) and Krishan Bhagwan Singh (Behbal). The post-mortem also confirmed bullet injuries as the cause of death.

SIT Arrests Punjab Police IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal in Bargari Firing Case

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal was arrested by SIT (Special Investigation Team) from Chandigarh, and other top police officials are also summoned including – Amar Singh Chahal (IG), Harjit Sadhu (SDM), Jatinder Jain (IG), Paramjit Singh Pannu (SP). All these officials were on duty on that fateful day.

Bikarmjit Singh (SP detective) is a new name in the case. SIT is probing his role of alleged tampering done with the bullets extracted from the bodies of both the victims. As per a report of Central Forensic Lab in September 2017, it was clear that the rifle grooves were tampered with.        

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IG Umranangal Gets Bail in Kotkapura Firing Case

IG Umranangal Gets Bail in Kotkapura Firing Case

Paramraj Singh Umranangal IPS is partially acquitted as the Faridkot district, and sessions court granted him bail. The court said that with the help of police file, it is clear that the police has recorded the statements of the protesters who got injured in some other event. Moreover, they have not taken the name of IG Umranangal, who was leading the party at that time.

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The court also cleared the doubt regarding the usage of the weapon from which Ajit Singh got injured. These facts are enough to say that the charges made on Mr. Umranangal are baseless and he is falsely framed. Owing to this, keeping him behind bars, for an indefinite period, hardly makes any sense.      

The case swung to Punjab IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal’s favor when a CCTV footage was played in the court. This footage was played by the prosecution and counsel for accused. The footage clearly showed the protesters attacking the police team, and one of the police vehicles was also set on fire. The driver of the vehicle was also beaten badly.

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Truth Prevail in Punjab IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Case

Punjab IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Case

The police file also cleared that there were other police officials, at the scene, along with IGP Umranangal who was commanding the police team. In fact, some of the protesters mentioned the names of police officials who pressurized them to lift off the dharna including – Amar Singh Chahal (DIG), Sukhminder Singh (SSP), Ranbir Khatra (DIG), with other police officials.

At this stage, it is hard to believe in the facts produced by an investigation team that is not on the same page amongst themselves.

standing strong with paramraj singh umranangal

Now you know facts about P.S Umranangal Behbal Kalan Firing Case. We urge people to stay informed about the whole situation. Keep supporting P S Umranangal and stand with us in this fight for justice as we stand with paramraj singh umranangal. We have complete faith on our judicial system and we will fight this baseless and politically motivated case.

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