Punjab Insurgency – An Untold Story (Part II)

In the last part, Punjab Insurgency – An untold story (Part 1) we saw how the men of Jhanjoti, a village near Amritsar, suffered at the hands of the terrorists. It is both disturbing and frightening, even to imagine what Rooprani and Surjit Rani went through on that horrible night. Men were dragged from their houses and killed at point-blank range; this was undoubtedly a barbaric act.  

Just the thought of losing your loved ones is enough to give you nightmares. Imagine how the ladies would have felt after losing their husbands and brothers. As per the locals, the women sat near the dead bodies of their loved ones wailing. Strangely, no one from the village showed support when it was needed the most.

Merciless Act by a Handful of People Against Humanity

The sound of the sten guns was so dramatic that people thought that it was the sound of a transformer short-circuiting. According to the locals, the frightening sound continued for around 10 minutes.  

This gruesome act opened the eyes of the police force. Only a handful of Hindus were left there, and they were provided apt security to avert any occurrence of such a massacre. Rooprani, who lost both her husband and son, lost her mind and used to roam aimlessly from one room to another. She was seen saying that did my son come here just to be killed mercilessly by a handful of people who are against humanity.


She said that whenever her son used to visit the village, he used to spend most of his time with the family. She added that maybe it was his destiny that he had to leave us forever on that fateful day, and now we have no other option than to accept this bitter truth that we will not see their faces anymore.

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Unfortunate for the Hindus That They Have No Support From Villagers

Following this tragic incident, her grandchildren chose to move from the village seeking a better life in the city. There was no one to look after the land, so she decided to stay back. Surjit Rani, her sister-in-law, was there to look after her, she was the one who was taking care of her during the daytime. Surjit Rani also lost her elder son, so she was burdened with the responsibility to take care of her younger son and look after the farm. Besides, she also had to take care of her widowed daughter and daughter-in-law.


Shyama, Rooprani’s son, got recently married and was enjoying a happily married life; however, his marriage was short-lived as he was killed by Khalistan Commando Force (KCF). It is unfortunate for the Hindus that they didn’t have the support and sympathy. The villagers even denied seeing anybody entering the village and going out of the village. In fact, they said the terrorists must have local help who have given the input about the Hindu families.

The Sikhs, in the village, were too petrified to mingle with the Hindu families. Widows in the village just wanted to sell their land for a good price, move to a place where they can leave all the sorrows behind and spend the rest of their lives in peace and harmony.  

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Terrorism’s Human Tragedy – Farmhouse Turned Into a Cremation Ground

People, understandably, were so scared to return to their respective homes. The villagers visited the farmhouse in Udhoke, where only desolate silence reigned. The disturbing sight had the dead body of Harjinder Singh; there were two bodies of his daughters (Balwinder 16 and Gurwant 14) who were also killed while saving their father.

Harjinder’s wife and his two brothers (Simratpal Singh 25 and Amritpal Singh 20) bodies can also be seen lying there in the pool of blood. Onkar Singh 20, somehow managed to hide inside one of the houses. Still unfortunately, the terrorists were able to find him, and he was shot in one of the inner rooms. Puran Kaur (old aunt) was also shot in her bedroom while she was asleep in another room.

Simratpal victim of punjab insurgency

The dead bodies of Harjinder Singh family were lying outside their farmhouse, and this was the place where they were cremated together as well. Preeto Kaur (sister of Harjinder Singh) was of the view that there was no point taking the dead bodies to the cremation ground (Shamshan Ghat) when their farmhouse itself was turned into a cremation ground.

Preeto Kaur victim of punjab insurgency

She added that she hopes that the farmhouse also burns down; this way, we will not be reminded of the painful past that we faced.

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During 80’s Militancy Was at Its Peak in Punjab

This incident was heartbreaking indeed. We can only imagine how painful it would have been for the families, especially females, to deal with such a situation when you don’t have anybody to turn to. Every single day they have to face different challenges, especially when even neighbors are not ready to lend a helping hand.   

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In Punjab, during the 80s, militancy was at its peak, owing to which innocent lives were lost. People were living in a constant fear that KCF will harm their families as well. Some people were so scared that they even refused to come out of their homes. This is one of the key reasons they were petrified to help others.


The way this whole incident occurred where Rooprani and Preeto Kaur were made to suffer is quite tragic.The same suffering was also faced by Harpreet Kaur ( Jiwan Singh Umranangal‘s daughter-in-law). The terrorist group warned her that her whole family would be killed if she continued her relationship with her father-in-law and umranangal family. It is indeed quite challenging to deal with everyday challenges and feel secure,especially knowing when your husband is no more.

The children take their grandfather’s view of their father’s death, they believe that although it was a terrible sacrifice, it cannot make them drop out of the crusade their grandfather has launched. Sukhdev’s eldest son, Paramraj Singh Umranangal, 22, has taken to going with Umranangal on his rural tours and participating actively in his fight against terrorism. He studied so hard and cleared the civil services exam. Over the years, he has been recognized numerous times for his bravery and audacity. The family of IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal is associated with the organization of various historical, cultural, sports events, etc. Their family has worked night and day for the betterment of the village, especially the security.

This is the end of Punjab Insurgency – An Untold Story Part II. There you’ve seen what this family of Preeto Kaur has gone through and how did they manage their living after this massacre.

Stick around for the next part of this story……..

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